A Real Time Snow Plow Application


How SnowPaths benefits you: 

  • View your entire fleet and critical data on one screen
  • See detailed route completion & stoppage reports
  • Reduce labor for calls about snow events and road status
  • Public transparency: keep residents informed and safe
  • Save money by only paying for active trucks

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Why SnowPaths?

    1. Easy-to-use and Customizable: SnowPaths is a user-friendly web application that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any city.
    2. Efficient Fleet Management: SnowPaths provides cities with a comprehensive fleet management system that helps them allocate resources effectively and reduce labor for calls about snow events and road status.
    3. Public Transparency: SnowPaths keeps the residents of the city informed and safe by providing them with a real-time view of the fleet and the status of the snowplows through a public viewable website.
    4. Reliable: SnowPaths is powered by Verizon Connect, the largest and most reliable wireless telecommunications provider in the nation.
    5. Satisfies All Needs: SnowPaths meets the needs and wants of both the city’s employees and the residents, providing a seamless solution for all parties involved.

Snow Plow Management Dashboard

SnowPaths offers an intuitive management dashboard that provides complete visibility over your city's fleet and their progress during snow events. Our dashboard is designed to be user-friendly, with easy access and quick navigation. With a powerful interface, all the information that your internal management needs is only a click away.

Beginning of Snow Event

  • Snow plows and plow routes are pre-loaded into SnowPaths
  • The management dashboard show views of all the plows and routes activated
  • Visibility of percentage of entire system ready and updated in real-time
  • Have all the detailed information ready to field incoming calls for example schools, local news and city officials

During Snow Event

  • The management dashboard shows percentage of completion and remaining percentages for each active route in real-time
  • Run reports by truck type, truck name or number, by sections, start and stop times
  • View details on each truck such as location, direction and plow and spreader status
  • Easy mapping system of fleet and progress
  • View non-completed maps and routes
  • End of shift viewing and reporting to hand off to new shift
  • Compatible with Arc GIS and Esri Maps
SnowPaths Plowing

End of Snow Event

  • Run reports on when plows were up and down
  • Run reports on salt spreaders and idle times
  • Replay one vehicle or entire fleet from a user define date and time
  • Use the detailed reporting system to increase productivity in future events


Powered by Verizon Connect

  • Includes Verizon Connect’s extensive Roadside Assistance plan which provides services such as free towing
  • Track engine diagnostic trouble codes
  • Reliable, battery-powered tracking of fixed and movable fleet assets like trailers, shed, generators and heavy equipment
  • Over 20 different Verizon Connect reports such as Geofencing, ELD and service records
SnowPaths by FleetPaths is an exclusive integration partner and solution provider to Verizon Connect.  The SnowPaths solution requires Verizon Connect hardware in order for the SnowPaths solution to function. 

General Public View

SnowPaths is highly customizable and easy-to-use. It adapts to fit your city's needs. With a powerful interface, snow plow information is only a click away for your city's residents.

Road Plowed Status

    • Roads are color-coded according to the current status
    • Residents can determine when their roads were last plowed
    • You can customize the color and time periods to show
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Priority Levels

  • Roads are color-coded according to their priority level
  • Residents can determine what level of priority their road is
  • You can customize the priorities to fit your city’s needs

Truck Status

  • Click on a truck to see detailed information
  • Residents can see the last updated GPS location on any truck
  • You customize the time intervals between updates

Address Search

  • Enter in any address within the city limits to see current status
  • Residents can see information on their current location and their destination
  • You customize the format

Custom Alerts

  • Add a customized alert to the page to inform residents of critical information
  • Residents will have the latest news and updates such as planned plow activity
  • You customize the text of the alerts and when the text appears

Additional Services

When snow season ends, you can switch the application to track other services such as street sweeping your community provides.


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