All Season Fleet Management & Work Completion Monitoring Application

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Why FleetPaths?

The features of the fleet management system provided by Verizon, which can be customized to meet the needs of different cities and municipalities, include:

  • Real-time fleet management: The system provides real-time tracking and monitoring of all fleets in one screen, making it easier to manage resources and respond to issues as they arise.

  • Year-round fleet tracking: The system can track fleets year-round, providing detailed information on the historical movements and performance of each vehicle.

  • Powered by Verizon: The system is powered by Verizon, the largest and most reliable wireless telecommunications provider in the US, ensuring a high level of reliability and security.

  • Public portal: The system provides a public portal that allows residents to track the progress of fleets in real-time, helping them to plan their travel routes and prepare for any disruptions caused by the fleets.

  • Customizable web-based application: The system is customizable and can be tailored to meet the needs of different cities and municipalities.

  • Real-time completion and stoppage reports: The system provides real-time completion and stoppage reports, allowing city officials to quickly identify and respond to any issues that arise.

  • Mobile friendly: The system is designed to be mobile-friendly, making it easy to access and manage fleets from any device.

  • Compatible with Arc GIS and ESRI maps: The system is compatible with Arc GIS and ESRI maps, providing a comprehensive view of fleet operations and enabling city officials to make data-driven decisions about resource allocation.

Overall, the fleet management system provided by Verizon is a powerful tool for cities and municipalities looking to optimize their fleet management and resource allocation. With real-time tracking, historical tracking, and customizable features, the system can help cities more effectively manage their fleets year-round, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Fleet Management Dashboard​

  • Easy to use internal dashboard
  • GPS tracking
  • Street Prioritization
  • Track Vehicles on map by toggling Zone
  • Design Vehicle/truck types
  • Activate Vehicles as needed
  • Add unlimited users with specific access levels 

Spring, Summer and Fall

  • FleetPaths can be used year-round.
  • The ability to track pothole repair
  • Rubbish pick up
  • Gravel road maintenance
  • Garbage collection
  • Leaf pick up

Truck Status

  • Click on a truck to see detailed information
  • Municipalities can see the last updated GPS location on any truck
  • Customized time intervals between updates
  • Monitor the status of your PTO
  • The ability to see the truck speed

Winter Time

  • FleetPaths can be utilized in the winter time.
  • The ability to track all of snow removal for your public and private streets.
  • Salting of roads
  • Track subcontractor plows
  • Ability to monitor salt/plow blade usage


  • Run reports on when plows were up and down
  • Run reports on salt spreaders and idle times
  • Replay one vehicle or entire fleet from a user defined date and time
  • Use the detailed reporting system to increase productivity in future events

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Powered by Verizon Connect
  • FleetPaths supports the following telematics platforms:
    • Verizon Connect Reveal
    • Verizon Connect Fleet
  • Includes Verizon’s extensive Roadside Assistance plan which provides services such as free towing
  • Track engine diagnostic trouble codes
  • Reliable, battery-powered tracking of fixed and movable fleet assets like trailers, shed, generators and heavy equipment
  • Over 20 different reports such as Geofencing, ELD and service records
FleetPaths is an exclusive integration partner and solution provider to Verizon Connect. The FleetPaths solution requires Verizon Connect hardware in order for the SnowPaths solution to function.

Public Portal

User-friendly public view that gives residents their real-time street status and priority level based on their location. It can be customized to show color-coded street priorities, alerts, and city logos. Residents can look up their street status and priority by simply entering their address. This provides the latest updates on street activity which eliminates the influx of phone calls to the city during a weather event or scheduled maintenance.​

Road Last Serviced

    • Roads are color-coded according to the current status
    • Residents can determine when their roads were last plowed
    • Customized color and time periods to show

Priority Levels

  • Roads are color-coded according to their priority level
  • Residents can determine what level of priority their road is
  • You can customize the priorities to fit your city’s needs

Custom Alerts

  • Add a customized alert to the page to inform residents of critical information
  • Residents will have the latest news and updates such as planned plow activity

Address Search

  • Enter in any address within the city limits to see current status
  • Residents can see information on their current location and their destination


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