Approximately 40 out of our 50 states experience snow and ice events every year.  That is 80% of just the United States alone!  With fluctuating temperatures and increasingly erratic seasonal changes, government fleets need to be prepared for whatever weather comes their way. Fleet Tracking is becoming more widely utilized and is a key element in improving private and public works Snow and Ice operations.

According to an article published by, fleet tracking has been proven to assist businesses in enhancing the performance of their fleet.  By deploying fleet tracking software, management teams will be able to allocate resources to the appropriate locations, cut down on resources in areas that don’t need them, and save money by reducing excess usage.   

By tracking your fleet, you’re also tracking your resources and how they are being used.  Investing in an AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) fleet management systems will allow you to reduce operating expenses, reduce downtime, and maximize vehicle utilization.  You will also have more capacity to manage your field staff and drivers effectively.  This helps you save money and increase productivity. 

There are many fleet tracking services out there.  A majority of the fleet tracking services will provide distance or time reports, and possibly get a location update every 2-5 minutes.  SnowPaths offers comprehensive daily reporting and 15 second update rates to allow you to track your fleets in real time!  SnowPaths state-of-the-art software allows you to view predetermined routes with route completion percentages, stoppage reports, and unlimited fleet views to track just one truck or your entire fleet!  

Another unique feature of SnowPaths enables you to provide a Resident Portal for your specific area of operation.  This gives your residents the information you want them to see.  The Resident Portal has proven to decrease the number of calls made to a municipality  or private snow removal company regarding plow status and the street priorities so your customer understands when their street was last plowed and what roads will be plowed first.  

SnowPaths was developed in partnership with local road commissions and county commissioners to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and to better inform the public.  To inquire about SnowPaths and how we can help your company or municipality, schedule an appointment with our team today!