Why We Do It

We know the importance of keeping students and employees safe in the event of a crisis. From active shooters to building fires, every crisis event is critical and every second counts. EPG allows you to be proactive instead of reactive.
EPG was developed with the collaboration of school resource officers, superintendents, administrators, and first responders. It is a truly unique web and mobile application developed by the user for the user.
EPG is easy to use and highly customizable. With its mass communication capabilities, key people and crucial information are connected at all times. EPG provides a level of preparedness that coverts high-risk situations into low-risk.

Is Your School Ready?

Is Your Business Ready?

How It Works

EPG is a customizable web and mobile application that will take your crisis response plan to the next level. It provides crisis preparedness right in the palm of your hand.

You are able to load all of your necessary emergency operations plans, documents, images, contact lists and checklists into it and then customize how it looks and who has access to it. As the administrator, you have the ability to update at any time. There are no limits to what you can store in the app and there are no additional fees for this data storage.

With all this information readily available on your mobile device, along with the direct communication capabilities, EPG can help minimize confusion and casualties in a crisis event.

Safety Through Communication

Everything you need from the start of an emergency to its resolution


Create a safe learning environment by empowering everyone to be a part of the safety solution.


Your workplace deserves to be safe. Improve and organize your safety process flow for your team.

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Ensures your community is ready for any crisis. Connect people, buildings, and technology to ensure everyone is safe.

Features & Benefits

  • Crisis plans at your fingertips for review at any time
  •  Instantly updatable by your authorized users
  • Customizable graphics and checklists
  • Predefined roles and responsibilities managed by your local administrators
  • Historical tracking on all events: every action is user, time and date stamped
  • Contact list with direct dialing
  • Customizable detailed reports
School Safety


Your school, business or church’s individualized policies are loaded directly into the app. Authorized users and emergency first responders have direct access to important information. Easy access to these documents allows users the ability to review at any time to ensure that they are fully prepared for anything.

Are you ready to take your crisis management to the next level?


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