Job Management Dashboard

ABScheduler provides a complete, weekly overview of job schedules and the availability to schedule new jobs. This allows for a seamless job management process for technicians to meet deadlines, accurately quote job time, and complete the repair from start to finish. This platform has proven to save time and increase quote accuracy.

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Schedule A Job

  • When Scheduling a job you will have access to all pertinent information regarding the customer contact and vehicle information, their auto insurance provider information, DRP reminders, and more.  
  • Find “Suggested Days to Repair” to determine how many days the job should take based on the number of hours scheduled. 
  • You can view and modify the job status from the initial appointment scheduling all the way to job completion.  
  • Keep track of notes, rental car requests, warranty information and more using quick access icons to make storing vehicle information easy.
  • Merge customer contact and vehicle information from your estimate software. 
Event Calendar
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly overview of available staff members for job scheduling.
  • Select your desired view of the calendar to include or exclude certain data.
  • Delete specified events or drag and drop an event to a different date, time, or month.
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Insurance Reminders

Insurance companies require state regulated information along with additional information specific to that insurance company.  You can add insurance reminders in ABScheduler based on the insurance company selected.  This prevents job delays and ensures the correct documentation is provided every time.   


Daily Scheduler

  • Keep your productivity up to ensure accurate time frames are quoted and there are enough available hours to complete the repair.
  • Editing ability to adjust based on volume and average completion rates.
  • Provide suggested days to repair based on each job size.
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Providing You with Daily Support

At Smart Planet Software we offer our customers multiple support channels, allowing you to provide feedback on the products you are using to help us improve our software and ensure a user friendly experience.  You can chat us online, email our support staff, or call and speak with our account manager for troubleshooting and improvement suggestions.

More to Come!

At Smart Planet Software we believe in creating products for the user, by the user. As this application continuously improves, we also welcome feedback and suggestions on how to make this product better to fit the needs of all users. Here's what's instore!

Coming Soon

Reminder Alerts

    • Automatically email appointment reminders to your customers.
    • SMS texting capabilities for reminders and repair alerts.
    • Allow printable reminders with repair details to be given to customers after their estimate in preparation for their repair appointment.



Multi-Day Job Status

  • Advise customers of the number of days left for a multi-day job.
  • Keep your technicians aware of the day they’re on in the repair job to ensure deadlines are met and customers are happy.  
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